In the flow of the tow I know. And love.

I'm always struck by the immediacy of the energy in NYC. All you can do is step fully into the stream and try to keep up. That was the case with my full day of work and play yesterday. Before I fully launch myself back into it again today, a few things deserve mention.

I wandered the streets of Soho yesterday. High, low and in-between there's a surprisingly furry fetish on display. Which may be behind the anecdotal complaints leveled at certain retailers. Most obviously, Canada Goose. They're opening a new retail store in a few weeks. Their use of coyote fur trim has recently and increasingly raised the hackles of the animal rights community. I realize that Canada Goose has almost single-handedly driven the trade in coyote pelts over the last few years and that their 2015 sales were huge. But I noticed at least a half dozen retailers within a few blocks with furry fashions in their windows. Once again, symbolism means a lot. In terms of targets and trends. Sucks to be the industry leader sometimes, I guess.

Without getting too into the details of my interactions with sources new and old yesterday, I must say that there's a vitality in re-entering that arena that I've dearly missed. It's my jam. Although there's an obvious cost associated with talking to people who disagree with you on almost instinctual terms, I believe in the value of that experience. If I didn't, why would I seek it out? I wish for everyone similarly inspiring pursuits. 

In terms of pure entertainment, I attended a taping of the Stephen Colbert's show that went on way too long. It was definitely a case of losing a taste for sausage after seeing how it's made. I still adore what Colbert is capable of doing. I was stoked to see Samantha Bee show up to record a bit, and my heart aches for Patton Oswalt in his current state of grief. Yet unquestionably the best cultural moment of the day was seeing "Moonlight" at the Lincoln Square multiplex. Don't miss that movie. It's stunningly good.

I'd better roll. Research doesn't get done by osmosis. Thanks for picking through a few of my on-the-road thoughts. Be well.

My Atlas Obscura obsession, running, and on-the-road research

I've been meaning to promote a new healthy obsession of mine, even if the relation to my broader work for Pelting Out seems tenuous. I'm a big fan of Atlas Obscura. If you're not familiar with what they do, you should poke around their catalog of over 10,000 places across the globe. The unique locales and stories they collect are right up my alley. In addition to the website, AO has plans for world domination. Or at least hopes of opening compelling "Societies" in various cities. Such as NYC...where they began. LA. Chicago. You get the idea. Thankfully, Seattle's also launched an Obscura Society. And I'm starting a new gig with them as a Field Agent, developing local events that will offer some unique insights into Seattle's quirky awesomeness. Stay tuned for details related to my first events in early 2017...a walking tour of Seattle musical influences in the '90s...a dichotomous tour of the Klondike Gold Rush influence on Pioneer Square and the site of the Alaska-Yukon Expedition originally meant to celebrate the 10th anniversary of that rush. The history I've found in putting these ideas together fascinates me. Odds are it might have the same effect upon you.

I've been somewhat remiss in posting here the last few weeks. Grand plans delayed not part because of my AO thinking...along with the prep work needed to head out on my current trip. My current struggles with the in-flight WiFi over Wisconsin are just part of the journey to NYC. I've got equal parts research and running lined up. Running-wise, I'm doing the TCSNYC Marathon on Sunday. Research-wise, I'm also neck deep in plans for a few busy days of interviewing and exploring. Check back for some shared fruits of those labors. I promise.

Here's hoping your own gig also currently fills you with great promise.

Visiting the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Memorial Day Weekend

Now that I'm up and running here, the time has come to kick the tires a bit. At the very least, I hope you are here to do the same. There's a lot of ground I want to cover. This will be a new blog that takes the energy I've contributed in the past and strips it down considerably. Connected to that simplification is my desire to get this site out there before I begin shopping around the book I'm writing. So look for faster content. More mobile contributions. Images. Less polish - if that's what I should call what I did in the past. More brevity. Yes, that is an oxymoron. Sue me.

To start, I spent a hearty hunk of my day in Brooklyn at the Navy Yard. The good folks at Turnstile Tours offer a few different ways of seeing the history that's out there. Today was a World War II-era tour that perfectly coincides with an obscure origin story angle I'm pursuing. I can't say enough good about what they do out there. Check back for some photos, too.