Polishing gems from my last road trip

I got back just over a week ago from Idaho. Filled my saddlebags with some fine specimens. On the road research in a new realm always fires me up, and the Gem State did not disappoint. Contrary to the often salty reputation ascribed to politics and other pursuits there, I found Idahoans to be almost invariably friendly and interesting. Without going into the details at this time, I'll offer a few summary pics - from the State Capitol to the southeastern hinterlands where I got scandalously lost and back. Now that I've got the proper pronunciation of Boise under my belt ("BOY-see" not the obvious outsider stumble of "boy-zee" I'd been using for decades) I'm prepped for a return. Hopefully sometime in the near term. And with better directions when I go barreling down dirt highways with a rental car that earned its stripes nonetheless marvelously well.