Being surprised by what Bo knows

It didn't take long for "Girls" to capture the love I'd previously bet on "Luck". They're entirely different shows, and the confused exuberance of "Girls" has the legs for the long run that "Luck" probably never would have mustered. Even if the racehorse controversies hadn't befallen the latter. I don't think I'm alone in keeping an eye out for more of the story on the takedown of "Luck" - some tragic horse deaths led to protests and, eventually, to questionable claims of credit for shutting the show down. In what I thought was one of those related stories, Saturday's NYTimes had an interesting Q and A with none other than Bo Derek. I'd previously read about Derek's animal advocacy. Some of it was pretty flaky. Yet what I saw here impressed the hell out of me. Her thoughtful, pragmatic responses about racing oversight (she serves on the California Horse Racing Board) get buried a bit. Mainly because lots of people are focused on a portrait she shot for this month's "Vanity Fair" of Chantal Sutherland. Derek shot Sutherland as a very racy Lady Godiva. That might be enough to merit a mention. But the accompanying text for "VF" that Bo wrote is good. Really good. So much so that I forgot all about the "Luck" pivot point that got me into this. Check out Bo's work - behind the camera, not in front of it. It caused me to check my snarkiness without uttering even one mention of her movie career. Well...maybe just one..."Bolero"