Shuffling my roadtrip playlist

For those who might be interested in my Spring Break roadtrip, I cranked through another biggish distance yesterday. I started in Pullman (for those unaware - right up next to the Idaho border) and then drove through the gorgeous undulating hills of that part of Washington on toward Walla Walla. I'll hold my fire when it comes to the DoubleWalla (anyone call it that? I surely want to). Aside from saying the old timey Fort there was the most unintentionally hilarious stop spread over the 900 miles of Washington and Oregon I've thus far covered. It surely goes without saying if you've already seen it, but the Columbia River features jaw dropping sights all along the way. Before darkness fell, the Columbia was my most interesting companion. Aside from Rachel Maddow. The audio version of her clever and well-researched book Drift (which she reads herself) gets my highest recommendation. Along with the atmospheric and multi-faceted new album I kept looping all of Monday - Kill For Love by Chromatics. So as I prep to leave Astoria (my successful targeted location last night and subject of this morning's research), here's hoping I find a suitable accompaniment to today's views along the Oregon Coast. But I'm happy to have batted a big 2 for 2 thus far when it comes to this roadtrip's soundtrack. May we all be so lucky, from time to time.