A light dusting of Kardashian eventually gets on everything.

I would have preferred to never enter into a debate over the validity of the Kardashians. They have every right to do whatever it is that they do. Yet whether they (or their most exposed member - Kim) are discussed as a cultural force, a target for all sorts of the disgruntled, or as an exercise in bush league satire - they bring it on seemingly everywhere and oh so often. I'm probably not alone in being hooked by the latest story involving Kim Kardashian. I hope you somehow avoided it, but for those looking for the goods - the debate got rolling with last week's "flour bomb" delivered while Kim was walking the red carpet for her new fragrance. The nebulous point(s) evolving from this episode include: who might have targeted Kim and why, whether she'll file charges, and who might pay for that responsible individual's legal defense. Never afraid to step right in it, PETA's already lunged into the frame. That comes from their simmering beef with the Kardashians - which actually features some confusing Kardashian on Kardashian hypocrisy. Obviously, there are more than a few positions to take when it comes to the Kardashians. Prior to this I would've at least tried to claim my typical reaction was to run away from the entire Kardashian milieu at top speed. No longer - check back from all your Kardashian vs. PETA updates right here. Now if you'll excuse me, I must scan my hard drive for all the viruses newly downloaded from my latest Googling.