A few degrees separation between the DMV and the South Pole

I need to go to the DMV today. It's that generally loathsome type of visit - when an emissions check is due for one of our cars, before getting a new license plate sticker thingie. In other words, far from a time capsule moment. But I've decided to combine an obligatory trip across the Town with a much cooler side trip. One that marks an actual historic day. For Norway and the World. Because today is the 100th Anniversary of Roald Amundsen's arrival at the South Pole, becoming the first to do so. Well, along with the four other Norwegians and dozens of sled dogs that accompanied him on the trip. Until a few days ago, I was blissfully unaware of this momentous Norwegian. But then I read a review in the "Seattle Times" of an exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum on loan from Norway that features tons of archival Amundsen material. Yesterday I also read an engrossing article describing what's ongoing in Antarctica in terms of scientific research. Combine that with my own family research questions to decipher - I'm looking to the old school staff at that Museum in Ballard for a bit of translation. Because I'm still a bit confused about where we, in particular, come from - Sweden, Finland, Norway, somewhere that doesn't exist any more. So call today part of my own journey out beyond the edge of the known world. Check back if you're curious about what I find there.