The Burlesque after Charleston.

We spent the weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. Meaning we spent two days traveling, basically sandwiching one day worth of a lovely wedding. Not exactly restful stuff. But well worth the effort given the good feelings generated by the event. I'd only been to Charleston once before. That was for another wedding over a decade ago - a similarly beautiful occasion, albeit with a totally different crop of folks. I love that place and each time find more than a few quirky stories I hope to someday share here and elsewhere. However, the motivation lag after such a weekend lingered longer than I like. Still, thanks for checking in for new posting action.

Which leads me to show my hand here a bit more. Some of you have surely wondered just what I'm doing with this blog. I plan to let the light shine a bit brighter on that over the coming weeks. If this blog could be seen as a burlesque dance, admittedly it's been mostly feathers and air kisses up to this point. Consider this fair warning that I'm ready to give y'all more of a peek at the goods. Or at least the teasing focus will sharpen. Expect quick flashes of what I find worth showcasing. That means more explanation of the subject areas that relate to my book. Along with more of who I am, where I came from and how this wraps around the work I'm doing on this book. Like any performer - no matter the venue - I think you'll dig the show. No need to gather up a fistful of dollar bills to slip into my garters. Yet.

So please check back. Sign up for my email updates. Keep an eye out for some design revisions. Follow my Twitter feed. And thanks for all of that. Rock on.