What sounds even worse than a pitch for "Zookeeper 2"

The oddball horrors afoot in Ohio thanks to a private zookeeper who just plain lost it all last night are on top of the national news today. One should expect no less for a story of open season being declared on a rampaging herd of diseased monkeys, tigers, lions and their less banner-headline worthy but still just plain loose compatriots. You can't make this stuff up. When I first heard I was reminded of the mixed reality of one crazed part of south Texas. As opposed to all the other crazy parts. In particular, that of the King Ranch which was for many decades the largest privately-owned tract of land in the United States. The King Ranch now is home to widely diversified business interests. Which happen to include private animal hunting reserves. I learned of that when I visited a neighboring ranch about ten years ago which is owned by the family of friends. When we drove past the massive fences that ring the King Ranch, our friends told of how you could pay to hunt just about anything there. All of it flown in from some other part of the world, and all of it outside of regular hunting season limitations since those species weren't naturally Texan by birth. Aside from a question forming in my mind for Rick Perry at the next GOP debate, I'm left wondering what sort of reaction various groups are going to have to the hunt underway in Ohio. This is a very Jurassic Park sort of moment. Or not - I don't exactly expect diseased monkeys to threaten an amusement park set to open there. But I know better than to ever count nature out.