Chinese PR takes a few baby steps

I noticed a quick follow-up on that Shanghai subway collision. Just 4 days after I left Shanghai, an accident on the 10 Line injured nearly 300 people. The details that now come with an apology are a bit muted, but pretty crazy.  Now I've seen a much better breakdown of the breakdown, along with the punishments that followed. The PR blowback correction now being offered by the Chinese managers seems more self-critical and willing to admit mistakes were made. So call it an improved reaction to a scary situation - conductors using cell phones to call between trains to check on traffic up ahead. Still, just imagine if that happened in New York.

It's hard to concentrate on Chinese public safety when my Milwaukee Brewers head to the bottom of the 6th inning in Game 5, still tied 1-1. Or much of anything else. Go Brew Crew.